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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Patchwork mod podge land

Here is a photo of our mod podge table efforts with the visiting girls the other day.  Such a happy little vignette to me!  And look, after getting tired of yet another tin to cover, one young lassy came up with the brilliant idea of covering my sticky tape dispenser.  I love it!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Scrapbuster project - tin can recycle


I have been so busy over the last couple of weeks.  Kids are on school holidays still and I have been crafting with them plus I have about 10 projects all on the go (I am so bad for that) but most not completed (I am bad for that too).  Anyway, here is one that I have actually finished enough to show you.  Empty pineapple tin, meet scrap paper pile (and my beloved mod podge!).  I have a bunch more tins and scrap paper for more as I am sure you could rustle up too.  I think I almost like these more than the ones with just the one design of paper on them.  I can't wait to have a whole row of them on the desk.  Along with all my jars with covered lids.....

For a quick instruction on the process, I literally just cut all my scrap paper into squares and rectangles (hmm, maybe circles would look cute too) then mod podged them on making sure they were overlapping.  I didn't bother painting this tin first as I like the touch of the industrial look with the metal (plus I just couldn't be bothered!).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Plate display shelf makeover


When we moved into our house here in Uruguay, this old display shelf was in the wood pile for burning.  Admittedly it is not great quality but I thought it could still be saved and used for a little while yet.  This was a very quick and easy makeover.

Firstly, I just cleaned it all down.

Then I added a strip of timber to the bottom shelf with some strong wood glue.

I forgot to take photos of this step but I just undercoated (primed) the whole thing and then spray painted it in a soft, almost Wedgwood, blue.  I really wanted to paint it red but I am giving it to my housekeeper when we leave and she wasn't too keen on having fire engine red in her house!  The red will have to wait for another project for Lord A.


Here is a closeup of the pretty decorative ends too.


What do you think, worth the effort?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dust jacket - recycle kid's art

I just thought of a new use for some of the HUGE volume of art that kids tend to produce.  Book dust jackets!  I just cut this painting to the exact height of the book and made sure it was long enough to wrap around and fold on the inside of the front and back covers (to see how to do these cotton bud [q-tip] paintings click here).  Easy peasy.

Once I have done more of these I will print out some nifty little labels with the book titles and authors on them.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recycled clock part

Awhile ago I was having fun changing faces on some very cheap Ikea clocks.  Unfortunately my over-enthusiastic efforts led to the first one not working anymore so I pulled it apart and this clear acrylic piece was one of the leftover pieces and I thought it looked like a handy little tray.  I have been using it since then for different odds and ends, usually in Princess E's room (otherwise known as the Aladdin's cave of odds and ends - what is it about little girls and all their STUFF - oh, wait, actually I am still like that.....).

Here is how it looked before after coming out of the clock.

I used my trusty Mod Podge to apply green tissue paper around the lip (I have it raised on a roll of duct tape).

Then I cut out a circle of my Dotty Garland paper and stuck that to the bottom with the Mod Podge.

Here is where it got a little tricky as the home printed paper will smudge if you use Mod Podge straight on it.  So, thinking myself very clever, I used a spray on varnish instead.  Only, instead of giving me my nice shiny finish, the paper just absorbed it.  So, back to the Mod Podge.  I figured the varnish may have set the ink enough to stop it smudging and I was right!  Failing that I was heading to my scrapbook paper stash for another circle.  Aaaanyway, it all worked out and I think it turned out cute for Princess E.  Here is a before and after of her bedside table with it on.


and After - much better!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blistex pot reuse

I am into recycling these days obviously. I go through a lot of these little Blistex lip balm pots and have been trying to think of a way to use them because they are so cute and sturdy. So I cut out some leftover wrapping paper to cover the print, stuck them on with Mod Podge (my new best friend), added a little sticker from Princess E's sticker collection then sealed it with two coats of Mod Podge. Cute! I am planning on making these to use as teeny little gift boxes for things like earrings etc. at Christmas. I have another empty one so I am off to get my Mod Podge.....


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